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This work deals with an area that I have travelled daily for the last years. A continuum between a train and subway terminals linked and a third train station, located fifteen blocks away with which they connect through a semi-empty landscape of workshops, barracks and the remains of an old station, in the middle of the city. The main train station functions primarily as a commuter rail station with several hallways leading to other trains and subways, so I started my tasks from there, by auscultating the elevators, tubes, air conditioning, ventilation, motors, ducts, signal systems and all that can be barely noticed once the railcars leaves, and it’s late enough to avoid the people buzzing. Focusing also on the sounds from the different corridors and a few underground stores down there in the subway central, like a very small bar, a grocery shop, some Western Union location and a couple more of shops with a few vending machines. These galleries have always seemed to me like models of a grey-toned micro city where the fluorescent tubes set the pace. Upstairs, there’s a big entrance and mechanical stairways and also the way to the back of the station that leads to the a myriad of railways lines (like seven active and many abandoned), fences, ancient wagons both well conserved or eaten by rust and musk, modern buildings filled with cameras and apparently excessive security and more railways and old metal bridges to cross upon, hopefully all captured somehow in these recordings.

(juan josΓ© calarco, 04 July 2021)



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